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Delivering quality

and happiness

Praxko Retail

Praxko Retail is a multi-product, multi-segment enterprise that aspires to deliver a unique and satisfactory retailing experience to customers. We are driven by the zeal to bring the best quality in everything we sell.  True to our group motto, we are "Committed to Excellence". We bring to you an exclusive range of traditional, exotic and original products from sources within and outside India. 


Our neighbourhood stores are assured to provide each customer with a fulfilling retail shopping experience. Our robust logistics team also cater to consumer convenience through doorstep deliveries. We are driven by a passion to make shopping for daily needs a hassle free exercise.  

Enhancing customer experience 

At the heart of our objectives lies the customer retailing satisfaction and experience. Our extensive association with farmers and producers drives the key to delivering quality food. Customer experience is enhanced through our penchant for traditional, exotic and natural products, sourced through a rigorous identification and selection process. 

Image by Avinash Kumar
Image by Klara Avsenik

"We have always been customer-centric, our products and services are designed in the same way as it would have been for our own family. This reflects in our quality, range and consistency."

Director speaks

- Prathap Kumar, CEO

Our Initiative

As a part of our social initiative, Praxko Retail in association with Praxko Foundation aims to educate the young and adolescent minds on the benefits of growing one's own food and encourage kitchen gardens in a city landscape.  


Watch out this space for more information !

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