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Safe food is essential for you and your family

​We believe no matter who or where you are, everyone deserves to have affordable and fresh food. Sans Fresh brings to you organic and pesticide-free food products. Our range of products have undergone extensive screening and tests for harmful chemicals and pesticides, hand sorted for purity, following the best practices from around the world to produce the highest quality food products. 

Each of our products have been manufactured with ultimate care for our customers who deserve nothing but the best. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to identify farmers and farm syndicates selling organic and chemical free food, apart from our own farms. Sans Fresh is our humble endeavour to bring chemical free food to every household at affordable prices.


Fresh veggies directly from the farms.

We bring to you farm-fresh vegetables and fruits from our farmlands and farms of our selected farmers,who practice safe farming methods. Our motto is to bring pesticide and chemical free fresh produce, including organic veggies and fruits, to our customers.

A collection of exotic, premium and imported varieties of products are sourced from the best farms across the world. 

For bulk inquiries email us at 


Watch what you eat!

Times are changing so is our outlook towards food. Social studies in lower primary taught us food is a basic human need. While continuing to stay so, it has also become an emotion of sorts! From grandma's traditional to idly to tava fried pizzas, every dish evokes a sentiment and is relished to the last morsel. It was this emotion that took us to places in search of the most authentic food that would tickle the taste buds. 


Alas! We were met with horrifying details of the food industry. Sordid tales of blatant manipulation of our emotion. From the relatively harmless crushed papaya seeds in pepper powder to the highly lethal red oxide in rice, there is no end to human greed. The primary source of nutrition has been doing more damage instead, by exposing the human body to harmful poisons and chemicals.

That being said, a lot of awareness is still needed to educate the masses on the importance of actively and carefully choosing the products being consumed. For our customers benefit, we have gathered information and articles from various genuine sources and news portals about dangerous and unethical practices. 

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