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About us

Image by Bernd Dittrich

Praxko Retail is an offshoot of Praxko Group. The origins of the Group can be traced to the year 1993. The Group started its journey with a business of trading commodities. During the 2000’s the Group expanded to newer horizons in South-East Asia, bringing the verticals of investments, finance, retail, trading and agriculture under its umbrella. With the Group’s growing diversification into newer verticals, a greater need was felt to split the business into separate entities. This would enable each vertical to be professionally managed by the concerned domain experts. These entities are being managed in accordance with the local laws and jurisdiction of the respective country from where it operates.    



To build an organization on the principles of mutuality, inclusiveness, harmony and to promote sustainable growth with key emphasis on business ethics and integrity


To maximize growth and enable wealth creation for all the stakeholders


Our Values


Demonstrating high standards of ethics, transparency and reliability in our conduct


Encouraging calculated risk taking and a quest for challenging goals


Building long lasting relationships on our mantra of "Word is our Bond"


Continuously transforming our promises into reality

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